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The plans at Better Nutrition by Gilly are simple and easy, to get started book your
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Packages and programmes are tailor made for you. The most basic package starts at 61p per day with the more exclusive packages still being less than a take-away coffee, per day. Everything is affordable and payment plans are available.

Services start as one-off consultations, programmes are 12 weeks and packages are bespoke. If you have any questions check out our FAQs or contact me.

3 month minimum

Meal Plan

Meal plan only and email contact for a revision

3 month minimum

Meal Plan PLUS(Supported)

This monthly plan includes:

• Initial 20 minute consult
• Meal plan and bi-weekly meet (15 mins)

Please note there is no food journal, direct messaging, hunger-energy-cravings check or educational component with this programme

3 month minimum

Platinum Package (Most Successful)

This monthly plan includes:

• Initial 40 minutes consultation
• 6 educational post per week
• Nutrition and lifestyle analysis
• Specific goal-supported meal plan with shopping lists and recipes
• Weekly meal ideas
• Weekly meetings (30 mins)
• Access to direct messaging system
• Daily food journals with feedback
• Daily hunger-energy-cravings chart with analysis
• Weekly tasks
• 4 addition check ins per programme (for times of need)
• End consultation (40 mins)
I always like to ask clients to place a value on their health, of reducing their risk of disease (such as diabetes, high-cholesterol and/or high-blood pressure which can lead to more serious diseases such as cardio-vascular disease with heart attack and stroke). If you consider your health to be more important than £4.43 per day for 12 weeks (two-thirds of a bottle of wine, one multi-bag of crisps or a fancy coffee per day) then honestly, the platinum package is the best for real ‘change’.

Please reach out if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you!
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