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Gilly has worked with hundreds of clients over the years suffering from fatigue, menopause, diabetes, skin break-outs, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, sleep problems and feelings of helplessness and lost control. Many clients were also struggling with their weight and less than healthy relationship with food.

It’s possible to improve health, reduce the risk of disease and feel much happier and in control. You can improve energy levels, reduce hunger and cravings and find a new zest for life!
I have been a client for 18 months now. For me it is more about slow, consistent change and having a balanced life, no restrictions or calorie counting and certainly no weighing food. I am a busy mum and senior teacher. This program is also educational and something I can pass onto my students and children. Emma
This program has transformed me. I certainly won’t be growing old gracefully! I’ve reduced the inflammation and arthritic feeling in my hands, started being a lot more active and have really enjoyed making new and tasty recipes which I share with my friends. Helen
Before I started I felt bloated and went through years of having terrible migraines. I would rush from work, spin a hundred plates and eat badly. I needed to eat for health, fueling my body correctly, to stop the headaches and feel mentally prepared for each, busy day. I love the way I feel now. Rachel
Before I took control of my health I was 14kg overweight and in the obese category. I had visited the doctor and he prescribed medication for high blood pressure. I felt helpless until I started with Gilly. After 6 weeks I came off the tablets. One year on and my golf game has improved as I feel more agile and mobile. Life starts at 70! Robert
I can’t thank Gilly enough! I feel amazing, more energy and my skin is looking clear. I have had a horrible relationship with food for a long time and that’s changed. I eat 3 meals a day, I drink plenty of water and I’m very mindful with what I eat (also added loads of new things in). My portion control is brill and I’ve surprised myself with how engaged I am. I can say loads more about doing this and it’s a life long plan not just a fad. Food is so important and has such a huge part to play in our lives daily. I’ve learned so much. Thank you x Emma
An excellent programme, thought provoking and informative modules. Great support and constructive feedback on food photos/journals Jan
I thought that this was a really informative and useful session, thank you! ? Yr9 Pupil Norwich High School
I can’t thank Gilly enough for the support she’s given me recently. My goal was never to lose weight and restrict myself but to understand why I felt so sluggish all the time. Gilly changed the way I think about food and it’s relationship to my body. There was no telling me what to do but open empowering discussion that made understand in the context of my own lifestyle! Thank you ?? Nicole
Gilly was a breath of fresh air. Caring but kept me accountable and understood my menopause symptoms which I now understand were not being helped by my food and lifestyle choices. I cannot believe how much better my mood, sleep and stress levels are after following a 3 month programme (and I am continuing on a maintenance package). I HIGHLY recommend Gilly! Jane
I have always exercised but never really felt like I’ve been complimenting it with good nutrition. I thought my meal choices and portion sizes were good but I never seemed to loose fat or change my body shape. I decided to try Better Nutrition by Gilly with Nutritional Coach Gilly because I liked the idea of “no nonsense nutrition” just the facts and easy to follow advice. Through the online platform I was able to upload my meals for daily analysis which I found really helpful as I felt accountable for what I was putting on my plate. My portion sizes were easy to manage by just using my hands, no calorie counting or confusing calculations. I was also able to message Gilly through the platform with any questions I had and she was always very quick to respond. I found my weekly video chats really helpful and they definitely kept me on track. Gilly is really friendly and knowledgeable and put me at ease straight away. She made me feel like no question was to silly to ask and she was always full of praise regarding my achievements. Following Gilly advice I now always feel satisfied after a meal and I never look for snacks anymore, I wake up with a clear head and i just feel healthier overall. I feel like my eating habits have changed for good and if I ever do feel like I need further support I would most definitely contact Gilly for help. I would also recommend Gilly to anyone who struggles to get their head around nutrition and wants common sense and easy to follow advise with results. You only have to look at Gilly to know she knows what she is talking about! Emma
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