Better meals. Better choices. Better YOU

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Better Meals. Better Choices. Better YOU

Gilly offers a range of services, packages and programmes to suit your individual, nutrition and lifestyle needs. Feeling fatigued, suffering with high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or menopause? Tried diets and fads and feeling like a sensible, fresh approach?

Meet Gilly

Gilly holds a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition along with numerous other certifications and delivers NLP (neuro linguistic programming) in order to change mindset and visualise a better version of ‘self’.

Gilly has worked in the wellness industry for 25 years, personally connecting with her clients to support nutrition and lifestyle changes. Gilly is also registered with the Association for Nutrition (12129).
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Better Nutrition By Gilly


Improve your knowledge about the nutrients your body requires, why we need those nutrients and the timing of your meals along with behavioural change theories, sleep and stress management.


Reduce your risk of non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Stroke , Non-Alcoholic Fatty LIver Disease and some cancers.


Gain confidence and awareness to enable more control of your life and decisions.

Feel supported, daily, without judgement to help build effective strategies for change.


Your needs are fully assessed to determine the right service or programme and the level of contact you require so that you feel comfortable on your journey online, in-person with Gilly.

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Better Nutrition by Gilly: Becoming a Better You

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  • Before I took control of my health I was 14kg overweight and in the obese category. I had visited the doctor and he prescribed medication for high blood pressure. I felt helpless until I started with Gilly. After 6 weeks I came off the tablets. One year on and my golf game has improved as I feel more agile and mobile. Life starts at 70!”
  • This program has transformed me. I certainly won’t be growing old gracefully! I’ve reduced the inflammation and arthritic feeling in my hands, started being a lot more active and have really enjoyed making new and tasty recipes which I share with my friends. Helen
  • Before I started I felt bloated and went through years of having terrible migraines. I would rush from work, spin a hundred plates and eat badly. I needed to eat for health, fueling my body correctly, to stop the headaches and feel mentally prepared for each, busy day. I love the way I feel now.
  • I have been a client for 18 months now. For me it is more about slow, consistent change and having a balanced life, no restrictions or calorie counting and certainly no weighing food. I am a busy mum and senior teacher. This program is also educational and something I can pass onto my students and children.
  • An excellent programme, thought provoking and informative modules. Great support and constructive feedback on food photos/journals. Jan
  • I thought that this was a really informative and useful session, thank you! ? Yr9 Pupil Norwich High School
  • I can’t thank Gilly enough for the support she’s given me recently. My goal was never to lose weight and restrict myself but to understand why I felt so sluggish all the time. Gilly changed the way I think about food and it’s relationship to my body. There was no telling me what to do but open empowering discussion that made understand in the context of my own lifestyle! Thank you?? Nicole
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Better meals. Better choices. Better you!
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